Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Outdoor BBQ of the Year - Baby Back Ribs Galore

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure and privilege of "first use" of my parents bbq in the catskill mountains to kick off my summer outdoor bbqing.   YAY!

I decided I wanted to make baby back ribs and make them nice and slow.   I had picked up a pork baby back ribs with the loin on them.    This is the first time I cooked these style of ribs so of course it was an experiment!

The house I was cooking at had just a plane ole gas bbq and I love smoking with hickory wood chips so my first step was to fabricate a way to infuse some hickory smoke into a normal bbq.   I decided that I can fabricate one by taking a frying pan and covering it with some tin foil.   I would put that pan over the direct heat to keep the chips smoking after I got them started on the stove top.  I used the tin foil to make almost a pipe to where the meat was to ensure the smokey goodness was getting to the meat.    In my pan i placed about 10 hickory woodchips that were tossed with about 1 tablespoon of brown sugar.

Ok now that I had fabricated a smoker it was time to turn to the meat.   I used my traditional rub:

Black Pepper
Yellow Curry

I then made a sauce to baste the ribs with that had the following in it:

Brown Sugar
Stubbs BBQ Sauce

I spent about 5 hours cooking them at a low temperature and the result was amazing!  I would say though that if you get baby back with the loin on them I would recommend an 8 hour cook time instead.  It could of been more tender.

Pic below!

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