Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Little Bit of a Health Scare - Scared By WebMD

Thursday last week I was on a flight home from California and I began to feel a slight tingle in my left arm.    I figured it was something from pressure so I ignored it.   However friday, saturday, sunday, and monday it was still there so I began to get a bit worried and wanted to do some research.   I google "left arm tingle" on google and let me tell you....YIKES.  I was scared.   The three possible options were heart attack, stroke or pinched nerve.   Not so fun.    I kept on reading and then told those around me I should probably go get it checked out because that is what every site told me to do.

Ends up it was just a pinched nervous or in medical fancy speak Cervial Radiculopathy.  *phew* 

Funny part is that when someone gives you those three options of heart attack, stroke, or pinched nerve it is really hard not to begin to fool you own body with concern and worry.    Just the notion that I could be having a heart attack made me hyperfocus on everything my body was feeling and get worried.    A part of me loves WebMD and another part just wants to be ignorant.   Anywho!  

Cheers to pinched nerves!

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