Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chicken Fried Meatballs (yes you read that right) - Meatball Madness Cont'd

Yesterday I declared that I was on a mission for an amazing meatball recipe or rather meatball madness.   I set a series of rules for myself that went a little like this:

1) The meatball must NOT be stuffed
2) The meatball recipe has to inspired by different ethnic recipes
3) The meatball must be able to stand along as be served as the main element of the dish
    So where did I land?  How did this net out.   The title says it all!   CHICKEN FRIED MEATBALLS.   Yeah I said it.  Chicken Fried Meatballs.   Terribly awesome idea that was destined to be either a disaster or absolute glory.

    The idea came to me when I was in the shower.   I had woken up and watched a history channel show on BBQ technology.   My mind became plagued with thoughts of down home southern food as I thought of my BBQ deep dive days in North Carolina.    So while taking a shower I began to think about how I was going to rise to my meatball challenge on this fine Sunday.  

    "Mmmm meatballs....Mmm meat.....Mmm steak...Mmm chicken fried steak....Mmm CHICKEN FRIED MEATBALLS.   What what!"

    I will post a picture of them tonight and then post the recipe tomorrow but YUM YUM YUM.  The idea was brilliant.   So delicious ...sinful... yummy.  So without further delay let me introduce to the world my chicken fried meatballs with gravy

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