Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whopper Lust - The Burger King Spot The Reminds Me of Futurama

So for those of you not in the ad community, Burger King decided to change creative agencies.   The agency that was on the way out CP+B decided to take a bit of a swan song approach to their ending assignment.   CP+B has always represented disruptive and fun innovation in advertising.   They are one of the cooler agencies out their from a creative perspective and it appears they had some fun with BK!

So for the final assignment on Burger King they have officially replicated the show from Futurama called HYPNOTOAD.  A show in futurama that does nothing but play a frog sitting their getting all trippy.   CP+B has made a channel on direct tv that shows nothing more than a spinning whopper and the longer the watch the more free whoppers you get.    i heart CP+B. 


After 5 minutes of watching i must admit that I want a whopper like whoa!

Here's the link to the WHOPPER LUST video on youtube

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