Thursday, June 30, 2011

Facebook TV - YAY!

A recent article on AdWeek indicates what I thought was going to occur with Facebook.  They are going to go after TV.   I mean this makes total sense.   The thing that is the most social thing in this world is entertainment and video programming is quite simply that.   This is really exciting.   I know google is chasing google+ which just seems to be "eh" to me in my mind from a consumer experience perspective especially when the value you give when you can socialize your entertainment options is so much cooler.   Lets see what happens but I am VERY excited to see this direction coming from Facebook.

The interesting thing to think about is how google is going to compete with Facebook when they are making such strategic moves like this.   I mean google effectively is plumbing and facebook is becoming more and more a destination for a better human experience.  Time will tell but the times they be a changing!

Who does google buy to be a destination as well?   Hmmm.   Where did that Tim Armstrong guy go anyway.... hehehe

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