Monday, February 21, 2011

Yay Yay My Winter Soup Reviewed

We went to visit a couple we know as they just had a baby boy.   The boy is named Benjamin and is (*!@# as cute as a button.

This kid is friggin GORGEOUS

I mean seriously.

Anyway I digress.   I brought along some winter soup that I made on Saturday so the new parents did not have to think about cooking.   I also got them a baguette and butter to join the soup.

Now I usually only cook for my immediate family so rarely get a chance to let people taste my food outside of my own kitchen.   This was really exciting for me as I am my biggest critic but it would be nice to have another critic!  Here is what our friends said about it:

"Soup is fantastic.  We need the recipe!"

They even took a picture of it:


I feel like a proud poppa now as my soup creation was well recieved!  I love going to the market and just buying whatever your belly is seeking and ending up with a dish like this.   Cooking is such a creative process and has become a key driver of my sanity :)

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