Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Tasty Serrano Ham Sandwich with Soft Ripened Goat Cheese, Chicory, Radish and Strawberries

I was walking home from learning how to sit meditation at the Brooklyn Zen Center when I decided I was in the mood to stumble into Union Market.

The first thing I saw was this beautiful whole oat baguette that looked so delicious.   I needed to build a sandwich around this baguette.   It was calling me.

So I began to stumble around the produce section and some beautiful fresh strawberries caught my eye so into my sandwich they go.   I noticed an ingredient that looked great that I have never used before...Chicory.   I broke off one leave and tasted it.   Bright, Peppery, Yum.   Ok.   Chicory it is.

Since it was peppery I decided to compliment it with some radish that I could julienne.  I mixed the chicory and radish and tossed it in some olive oil with salt and cracked black pepper.  This would be a peppery bright bed that I could use as the base of my sandwich for bright crunchiness.

I decided I would get some quality ham that I could compliment with a goat cheese that would round out the savoriness and creaminess for the sandwich.  I decided once I assembled it I would top it off with some nice organic honey to balance the tartness of the fresh strawberries with some honey sweetness.

Here is the pic of my lovely ingredients:

Here are some pics of the finished sandwich:


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