Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taleggio and Ossau-Iraty Cheeses Followed By Miso Tuna Skewers with Serrano Fried Rice

Tonight we went over and shopped at Union Market.    We got the idea of making some miso tuna skewers with roasted pepper fried brown rice.  We decided to start the meal by grabbing some new cheeses to try.    I recently had some Grayson so I was defintely in the mood for stinky sweet cow cheese :) 

Stinky cow based cheese is so friggin amazing.    It is sweet and fruity and buttery.   I love pairing stinky cow cheese with some sort of fruit sweetness to balance the funk factor and bring out the fruitiness of the stinky cow cheese.

So we put down a hunk of Taleggio which is stinky goodness.    I paired it with a raspberry jam to bring out its fruit flavors and level out the buttery component.

Your experience with the Taleggio is pretty awesome.   The first thing your palette recognizes comes from scent and it is the funk.   Next you bite into the bread and get the creaminess of the cheese.   The tangy funk is subdued by the fruit jam but then it manages to break through at the end.   The fruit jam brings out the fruity goodness of this cheese.   All of your flavor guns fire euphoric levels of happiness into your brain.   Wow.

I paired the Ossau-Iraty with some whole seed mustard.  This is a great raw goats milk cheese.   I like it but need to spend more time with it and not pair it with such a dominant ingredient like whole mustaards seeds.   Lesson learned.   It was delicious but it could of been any kind of cheese with the POW of the mustard.

We served it with some paddelfish caviar to bring a fish component to it to our meal as we are going to be having sweet miso tuna and I wanted to remind myself I am eating seafood all meal.

Absolutely a perfect way to make your belly smile!

For the main course we cooked up some grilled Miso Tuna skewers with fire roasted Serrano chile fried brown rice with fish sauce.


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