Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fire Roasted and Smoked Green Chili Queso Fresca Burger

Yesterday I had the WONDERFUL idea to fire roast a nice poblano pepper.   It was smokey, a little spice, and sweet.   Utterly delicious!

So tonight I decided I want to roast and smoke some green chilies and put them on a simple burger with some queso fresca cheese sauce and a drizzle of new mexican dried red chili oil.   A boy can dream!

So without further adieu let my (*&!@ delicious new burger

The Fire Roasted and Smoked Mix Green Chili Queso Fresca Burger
Green Chile:
2 Anaheim Chilies
2 Large Serrano Chilies 
1 Small Serrano 

I first fire roasted them by using my tongs and gas range.    This of course isnt the greatest approach because while you are getting a nice charring you do not get the nice smokiness you normally expect in fire roasted chilies.   So I took out some apple wood chips and  smoked me some peppers after charring them on my gas range. 

Red Chile Oil:

2 Dried New Mexican Chilies (*&!@#*&!@*#& YUM)
Olive Oil

I boiled the peppers to reconstitute them.   I think put it in my food processor with some olive oil and not it blend blend blend.    I added a nice pinch of salt.


We picked up some 80% meat 20% fat delicious ground beef and formed it into two patties.   We had like 3/4 lb in total of beef.    I nicely salted and peppered them to season them to perfection.   A quick hit on the grill with a grill press on top to give it a NICE NICE crisp charred exterior.   


Whole wheat bun grilled to toasty perfection

Queso Fresca Sauce:

Queso Fresca
Heavy Cream

Put on a light heat in a sauce pan and whisk to cheesy perfection.



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