Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Love of Egg - Making the yummy BIN36 egg sandwich

As indicated in my first "Love of Eggs" post I recently have eaten the YUMMY BIN36 Egg Sandwich.   This sandwich was *!&@# delicious and I must recreate it at home but do it my way with all ingredients I can find in just the Korean Deli down the road.  

Ok so lets look at what is in this thing and how it is described on the menu

Breakfast Sandwich  $12.00
two eggs (chef suggests scrambled or over medium)
with ham steak, smoked gouda cheese, lettuce and garlic aioli
on sourdough bread, served with homefries

Ok so mission #1 is to make my own garlic aioli.   I have never made an aioli but they are delicious so I decided to give it a shot.    What I got was epically delicious.  Oh Aioli why why why did I wait so long to make you!   This !(*@# is !(*@# amazing.   It is so simple too!   I took fine chopped like 5 small cloves of garlic.    I whisked it together with the juice of one small lemon and a large pinch of corse sea salt.   I whisked in one egg yolk.   I then SLOWLY whisked in olive oil until it really had a airy fluffy saucy feel to it.   I tasted it and it was !()*#! heaven.

I cooked the eggs medium sunny side up.     I grilled up some deli ham.    I toasted the bread with a little bit of olive oil.    I made a decision to make the sandwich open faced.    It will be more messy but I want to see this thing when I eat it.

So the assembly....Bread down on the plate with a slather of garlic aioli on the top side of the bread.    I put down a nice bed of baby greens.    I put the ham down and a nice slice of gouda cheese.     I put the egg right on top of the cheese so it could melt it slightly.     I topped it with a splash of MORE garlic aioli.  Here is the pic:

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