Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Love of Eggs

So recently I had to travel to Detroit and Chicago for work.    It had been 2 weeks since I had been up the air chasing RFPs.

One of the true pleasures of travel is getting to stay in hotel rooms.  Why do you ask???

Well thats simple!


The notion of ordering from a menu and getting to eat it in your temporary bedroom that has a magic cleaning fairy who makes all of your messes go away is one of the most attractive ideas in my ever so simplistic brain.

I digress...

In chicago I was staying at the SAX hotel right across from the house of blues.   I love that hotel.    It has a very thoughtful and playful design to it and the rooms are amazing.   Any place that comes stocked with Raspberry Izzie, chocolate covered peanuts, gummy bears, and cheetos is pretty much heaven to me :)

The thing I love the most about The Sax is they have BIN36 as their restaurant.   This place is so friggin yummy.    Here is a simple survey that would determine if you would like BIN36

Do you like good wine?
Do you like good cheese?
Do you like salty goodness?
Do you like sausage?
Do you LOVE a good goopy egg?

If you answered yes to all of the above then you MUST go to BIN36.    It is fantastically delicious.   My adventure with BIN36 started with breakfast.  I looked at their menu and saw the following:

Breakfast Sandwich  $12.00
two eggs (chef suggests scrambled or over medium)
with ham steak, smoked gouda cheese, lettuce and garlic aioli
on sourdough bread, served with homefries

How could I resist?!??

I order the sandwich and got the eggs done over medium.    When it came I took my first bite and all of a sudden taste angels descended from the heavens and started playing harps.   Salty eggy pure deliciousness!  I took a pic of it and it is officially something I look at I instantly start drooling while thinking...Mmmm Egg!


This sandwich kicked off what I only could describe as an egg BENDER.   Every meal I ate had an goopy delicious egg in for the next two days.    :)

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