Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Koh Samui - San Francisco

I arrived in San Francisco last night to work my new CEO at BuzzLogic.  It took me 14 damn hours to fly into San Francisco due to a cancelled connecting flight from LAX to SFO.   With that said you can imagine what a hungry hungry boy I was when I arrived.

As soon as I hit the cab my mind shifted to what do I want to eat for dinner.   I remember reading the menu of a spot right near my office called Koh Samui and The Monkey and I saw something that looked so friggin amazing.   It was their Aromatic Pumpkin Curry.     The description of the dish on the menu quite simply says:

Aromatic Pumpkin Curry* chicken, bell pepper in red curry sauce served in pumpkin

Ok let me take a moment to talk about my inner thought process that occured when I read this:

"uh...pumkin,,,curry w/chicken......Mmmmmmmmm"

Let me just say I was sold.    For two main reasons I was absolutely intrigued.  Reason #1 is pumpkin and curry together with some coconut milk and chicken sounds insanely delicious.   Reason #2 is that my wife and I was got it in our heads that we wanted to cooked a piece of fish in some banana leaves.   We ran to our local market to find that sadly our local market in the Upper East Side of Manhattan did not carry banana leaves.    How would of thought?    Gossip Girl doesn't make her fish in banana leaves????  Anywho suddenly after having my heart broken by Citeralla I saw  beautiful orange shining light in the produce section.   I beautiful pumpkin that would fit perfectly in my oven and if I could reinforce the sides to keep it from falling in on itself when I bake it.  Oh and I would be able to harvest the seeds for toasting....mmmm......Oh and I could pin the spices to the top of pumpkin on the inside with butter so I could create a spice drip.   *idea*

The pumpkin pot fish was amazing.   An instant classic in the Donahue household.   So as you can imagine the notion of someone else using a pot like this to make a curry dish definitely got me drooling.

Well I ordered it and it did not let down.  It was creamy, pumpkiny, spicy goodness.    I highly reccomend this dish as it was sweet and fragrant with a nice back end of delicious spice.


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