Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blue Ribbon Brooklyn Restaurant

For me restaurants are evaluated on 3 key criteria:
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Creativity
For this reason Blue Ribbon Brooklyn has been one of my favorite spots for years.   I had the chance to take two friends from St Louis there and let me tell you Blue Ribbon lived up to it's iconic image in my mind yet again.

I have taken the time to try alot of the dishes at Blue Ribbon but last night I went for the tried and true....Bone Marrow and Fried Chicken.   Their Bone Marrow appetizer is simply amazing.   Beef Bone Marrow served and roasted in the bone with Ox Marmalade and deep fried herb.  This dish is ridiculous.  There are very few dishes in the world that cause me to have a "American Pie" reaction to them but this is really one of them.   They also had on special Stone Crab Claw which I simply couldn't resist.   They serve it with a homemade mayonnaise and it did not let down.   Simply delish. 

For an entree I had the Fried Chicken.   Their Fried Chicken is amazing.   It comes with greens and mashed potatoes with gravy but as always I ignored those bits and made out with the chicken.   The chicken is served with honey on the side to use as a dipping sauce.   They also give you Blue Ribbon brand hot sauce with the dish.  The hot sauce is so yummy.  If you are a chili head you got to give this a try.    Habanero and Carrot are the main ingredients and all I can really say is YUM.

When you get a chance you have to try Blue Ribbon Brooklyn.  It is simply amazing.

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