Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stupid Social Efforts - Step Up Brands and Step Up Facebook!

So as I learn more and more about facebook and how to work it to gain value from it as a brand I am noticing some really stupid things going on. 

So here is the deal.  If you want to maximize your investment on facebook you need people to interact.   It is how their algo's work for the news feed and such.  They look at the objects you "create" (a brand's programmed content) and if people interact with the object then it helps every other future object they program as it gets better coverage in the news feed. 

Well that is great but that doesn't mean a brand should do stupid things like this:

How on earth does this promote a brand?  This is friggin noise.  What are brands doing and why would facebook allow content like this to be pushed into their platform?   It is creating noise.  It is annoying and doesn't make we want to include the brand in my news feed AT ALL.   
I get that you want to maximize your investment and gain the "earned" impressions but the key is "earned".  If you say silly things you become non relevant.  

Time for brands and facebook to step it up!

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