Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apple Pie with A Cheddar Crumble

So recently I have been getting more and more into baking.    I have been traveling a lot so I have been enjoying baking because it allows me to leave some "goodies" behind when I take off for my loved ones.   Pie has been a particular focus for me as I friggin love pie.   Mmmm Pie.   hehe


I have made a couple of apple pies in order to lock into a REALLY great recipe.   I am not there yet but I wanted to start to share some food pics of some recent "wins" with my apple pie recipe hunt.  Specifically it is an apple pie with a cheddar crumble and it was DIVINE!   YUM YUM APPLE PIE!

The Finished Pie Untouched :)

The pie cut open.   YUM

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