Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lake's Edge Blue Goat's Milk Cheese Review

While walking around Brooklyn I passed one of my favorite shops "BKLYN LARDER."  They had a sign that read "VERMONT CHEESE SALE."  I could not resits.  I mean any sign that says Cheese + Sale is going to get my attention.  

I stumbled inside and decided to take a look at the selection of cheese from Vermont.   I ended up selecting a cheese called Lake's Edge Blue Goat's Milk Cheese.    I was in the mood for something creamy and light and this cheese looked like it fit the bill!

I brought the cheese home and decided to dive right in.    The cheese was amazing!  It was tangy, creamy, and had the essence of ash in it.   This was a truly delicious cheese!   If ANYONE runs into this cheese out in the market do yourself a favor and pick it up.    I am defintly going back to BKLYN Larder to go get myself some more!

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