Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grilled Stickies! A Sinfully Sweet Pennsylvania Treat

On a recent trip to chitown a friend told me about a sinful treat that she loves from Pittsburgh.  The treat was called "Grilled Stickies."  When I heard the name I HAD to learn more.  I mean anything that is grilled and sticky can't be too bad!

She described them to me as a sinful french toast esque treat served with ice cream and caramel.   I HAD TO LEARN MORE!!!!!

I looked them up online and what I found was disturbingly delicious sounding!  Grilled Stickies are day old sticky buns that are sliced into 1/2" slices that are buttered and grilled.   I was sold.  I had to make em!

I ran to my bakery and got some sticky buns.   I picked up some sweet condensed milk and some vanilla ice cream and the Grilled Sticky party began!

Using sweet condensed milk to make caramel sauce is super easy.    I combine 4 parts sweet condensed milk and 1 part water and just whisk it while on low heat.   It turns into a nice thick caramel sauce.  YUM!

I applied clarified butter to each side of the 1/2" slices of Sticky Bun.   I put butter on a skillet and set it on low heat.   I put the slices of sticky bun on the skillet and browned each side.  I plated them with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled my caramel sauce on top.  YUM!

What I got was silly, stupid, absurd and delicious.   Grilled Stickies are AMAZING.   BEWARE THOUGH!  They are heavy!   This is definely a treat that should be enjoyed every once and a while.

Mmmmm Grilled Stickies!

Check out the pics:

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