Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google Plus Looses Traction with Consumers

It is all the news today...Google+ lost Unique Users and Engagement on site went down. 

The funniest article is on tech crunch which now re-branded Google+ and Google-

So a couple observations from myself using Google+...

  • The UI is a sad attempt at ripping off the facebook UI
  • Circles might help me organize my circle but complicate my life when I already got myself setup on a ubiquitous social network that has achieved mass consumer adoption

So how does google save this?   They can leverage their own network to drive free traffic to Google+ but who cares?   I am on facebook already.  I don't get Google+ and I don't think many people will.  I praise Google for trying to fight off facebook but that battle was lost a few years ago.

Here is my bet.... Google+ fails...

So with social out of google's hands and noone using seach on mobile what's their future?   Times be a changing y0.   Times be a changing

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