Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stanser Rotelli Cheese Review - A big cheese ripened by BKLYN larder

After a trip to BKLYN Larder I came back home with some Stanser Rotelli cheese.    This cheese was hand selected by the cheese monger at BKLYN larder.   I asked her to find me a "big" cheese.    She served me up Stanser Rotelli.

So what did I think about it?   Well Stanser Rotelli is a must buy if you like big cheeses.    It is a sweet, creamy, milky cheese that has a big finish that is nutty and piney.   I love it!   It is definitely a stinkier cheese but anyone who knows cheese knows that stinky usually means excitingly good. 

The folks at BKLYN larder ripened this cheese PERFECTLY.    I tried an unripened version a day or two after trying the BKLYN larder ripened version and BKLYN larder got it.   So get off you chair and stop reading this site so you can run down to BKLYN larder and go fetch yourself a chunk of Stanser Rotelli

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