Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Sinful Breakfast At Home - Rustic French Toast with Homemade Strawberry Syrup and Sauasage

I woke up this morning after spending an evening with the #bionicwoman my momz.   We made some delicious orzotto with rosemary chicken and a goat cheese, beet, and pea shoot salad.  It was yum but the orzotto was too strong a flavor (think i used too much cheese) for the chemo fatigued #bionicwoman.  She ate a bit of it with another slice of havarti dill cheese and some blanched sugar nap peas.  YUM.

Anywho....I drove home this morning and it was chilly chilly.  Like 29 degrees.   Brrrr.   I wanted to make us a stick to your ribs winter breakfast/brunch.    I landed on my meat first as an idea.   I wanted to make some butcher breakfast sausages drizzled with some maple syrup.   So I asked myself what would go along with it.   I decided I want to tie the syrup flavor through the breakfast.   I decided I wanted to get a nice rustic french toast with some homemade strawberry syrup.

Making a nice fresh homemade berry syrup is so much fun and is so easy.   Dump a bunch of berries all cut up in a pot.    Add water to the top of them and then add some sugar.    Bring it to a nice boil then turn down the heat and let it simmer.   Mix it a round every now and again and whamo.   Simple and sweet deliciousness.

I cut a nice loaf of bread into thick slices.   I made a nice milk and egg mix where I whisked in some cinnamon.   Tossed some butter in a pan and drop in the custardy soaked bread.   Get it nice and toasty.

I drizzled the fresh strawberry syrup on the french toast when I plated it.   I put on a nice tab of butter and sifted some confectioners sugar onto the french toast.

What I got do you say....DEELISH.   Absolute delicious and sweet french toast sausage party.


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  1. Really sorry to hear about your mom. Sounds like you whipped up some good comfort food, though!