Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheese Please - My First Encounter with Grayson Cheese

As my previous post The Love of Eggs had indicated I recently spent some time eating at BIN36 in chicago.

One of the best parts about BIN36 is their cheese selection.  If you are in Chicago and love cheese definitely hit up BIN36...

Wait a minute....Everyone likes cheese....

If you are in Chicago you must hit up BIN36!

Ok.  I digress.   I submitted to the restaurant experience and instructed my waiter to deliver me a selection of cheeses and wines that would ignite my palette with flavor in a playful and adventurous way.   Well let me be the first to say my waiter delivered!   He deliver me a range of cheese from Humbolt Fog  to something I have never tried before....Grayson.

This was the stinky addition to my plate.   I love stinky cheese.   For some reason the stinkier the cheese the more euphoric it makes me feel.   Grayson delivered on being a FANTASTICALLY stinky hunk of pure goodness.    The cheese was tangy and sweet.   They paired it with a half glass of BIN36's BIN 19 2009 Pecorino white wine.   The wine brought out the sweetness of the cheese fantastically!   What a great little treat.  

I highly recommend Grayson cheese.  It is a stinker but SO delicious!

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