Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dry Aged Steak with Steamed Baby Cauliflower and Grilled Japanese Eggplant

Tonight I decided it was time for steak.  When visiting my local grocer Union Market I saw that their 21 day dry aged steak was out of the hole and ready to be bought. 

I can never say no to a 21 day dry aged steak...NEVER....

I also noticed that they had some beautiful baby cauliflower and japanese eggplant at the Union Market.   Much like the steak my power to resist their gravitational forces into my belly were little to none.   So it was set...a delicious steak and some delicious veg to make saturday night YUM
I drenched the steak in black truffle infused olive oil and then gave it a healthy coating of sea salt and cracked black pepper.    I always like to let my steaks sit out until they hit a nice room temperature.   It gives the oil and seasoning a chance to sink in and flavor the meat and more so it gives you something to drool at while you are getting everything else ready.

I microwaved 4 tablespoons of butter to melt it down and added a table spoon of soy sauce and a tablespoon of black truffle infused olive oil.   I call this my bubble gum sauce.    I used it to drench the meat as it is in the broiler and it makes you wish you had bubble gum that tastes like your steak :)

I heated up my stove top grill to make it hot hot hot.   I tossed the steak on it to give it a nice crust on the outside and make nice deep grill marks on the steak.    I cut the japanese eggplant in half length wise and put olive oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper on the eggplant.    I set the back half of the grill on medium to high heat and tossed the eggplant on it.    I put the cauliflower in a steamer with olive oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper on it and let it steam.    Once each side of the steak had beautiful grill marks I tossed it into the broiler.    I coated it in my bubble gum sauce and let it go.   I flipped it once and gave it another coating of bubble gum sauce to plus up the flavor.   I cooked it to about 140 degrees and then took it out and served it all together.  

I love Union Market for dry aging steaks and selling it.    What a tasty treat to have at your home grocer.   The baby cauliflower was unbelievably amazing.    I defintely need to cook with those suckers more often.   They are tasty and beautiful.



  1. Looks great! Can you recommend a possible alternative to the dry aged for anyone operating on a shoestring budget?

  2. Dude this works on ANY steak. The leaving it to come down to room temperature and application of bubble gum sauce is the key. the one slight investment you will need to make is in the truffle infused oil. but i promise you this will pay itself back 100x in flavor...i promise!

    if you cannot afford it still try just doing olive oil, with butter and soy sauce. it will achieve a similar flavor but the truffle infused oil just raises the earthy tones to it and makes it worth the investment. hope that helps.

  3. Great advice. I'm novice extraordinaire when it comes to cooking so nothing entices me more than knowing I can create something from a regular ol' steak. I'll try this one next week and let you know how it goes.