Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strange Ad Execution - Digital Out of Home Out of Place

So JFK airport in NYC is an airport I know all too well.   I am in and out of that airport about 40x a year...The life of a lonely man (Leo said it so well)   There is an out of home placement near gate 12 in the american airlines terminal that has a pretty cool touch screen functionality to it.  I have seen it used for games for Target as well as a couple of other cute executions.   People always stop and interact and as a lonely man I giggle to myself and appreciate the work we all do. 

But today I saw that go a little a stray with an execution that didn't make much sense to me.   It was for the Blackberry Playbook.   A beautiful new touch screen tablet that really takes multitasking to a whole new level.  It's actually a great product!  However the ad execution was off.   Allow me to explain why...

The digital out of home ad placement has really basic touch screen capabilities.  Far less than the Blackberry playbook.  Yet the creative unit was trying to show people how the blackberry playbook was cool by showing off it's functionality.   This was completely lost on this out of home.  The touch screen nature of the ad placement made the experience feel clunky when you thought of touch screen tablet.   Quite simply the out of home's touch was not as cool as the blackberry playbook's touch yet was used to showcase the blackberry playbook's touch capabilities. 

I love creative and new executions and how media has become a creative outlet with units like this guiding how far we can push the digital experience into the world of 3d.  This execution for blackberry was just off and not the best execution to show off the product or engage the consumer. 

Long live creativity but not at the cost of showcasing the product in a worse way than other less creative vehicles.

Just a thought!

Oh and bless Leo Burnett for coining the phrase "the lonely man"... words i live by :)

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