Monday, May 16, 2011

Lime Cilantro Skirt Steak with Beefy Polenta, Baby Bok Choy and a Blue Cheese Sauce

I was trying to determine what to cook at home tonight as I have been getting lazy with my cooking due to some increased need for focus at work.  Its always the day job that hinders my pursuit of being a chef! 

So I wanted to do something really BIG.  I mean something BIG in flavor that makes the eater giggle with levels of flavor as they work across their palette.  

I have been really craving some skirt steak lately as they are so very easy to make and so darn flavorful.   Skirt steak is one of those meats that you can flavor so amazingly as it is so thin and really takes on whatever you throw at it.  A wonderful steak to cook with!.  

I decided to flavor the skirt steak first by marinating it in a lime and olive oil marinade that I put a tiny bit of salt in to bind the flavors.   I let the meat sit for a little bit and really soak in that limey goodness.   I then made a quick rub by combining together 2 tea spoons of lime zest, about 25 pepper corns, salt and a handful of cilantro with a little bit of olive oil.   I combined it all together in a mortar and pestle to really get the flavors together. 

I wanted to serve it with something that was nice and silky so I landed on the idea of serving it with a nice bed of beef both based polenta.  Now polenta is made by adding in polenta mix with broth and some cheese.   The cheese is usually a parmesan cheese but I wanted to think of a cheese that is really more flavor that works with the beef.   I decided to replace the cheese with some heavy cream to bring in the creaminess the cheese work bring so I can find a more interesting way to use the cheese flavor.

What cheesy goodness goes well with beef?   hmmmmmm.......

As soon as I asked myself the heavens opened up and an heavenly voice became clear to me as the angels of the cheese gods professed "Blllluuueeee CHeeeeeeessssseeee"

Holla blue cheese and steak is absurdly wonderful!   Thanks cheese gods! 

My mission was clear make a wonderful BIG blue cheese sauce with a hunk of premium blue cheese and some heavy cream to thin it out and cream it up. 

Now all I needed was to balance it with a little bitterness and sweetness so I grilled up some baby bok choy.

What did I get?!?????



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