Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farm Fresh Cheese From The Cato Corner Farm

Yesterday I visited the Grand Army Plaza Saturday Farmers Market and ran into a stand from the Cato Corner Farm.   What did they have at this stand you ask?  CHEESE GLORIOUS CHEESE!  Now cheese is something that I have really started to understand and enjoy.   I have given myself lots of cheese experiments and have really begin to love all types of cheese from sweet and subtle cheese to the naughty stinky cheeses.   In fact the naughty stinky ones are now the ones that I am beginning to love the most!  But I digress so allow me to get back to the matter at hand...the cheese I found in the farmers market.

I asked the cheese monger at the Cato Corner Farm stand to give me two nice cheeses and told him that I wanted one to be harder and one creamier but both robust and perhaps even bold.   I then explained I am not afraid of stinky cheeses as those are usually the best :)  The cheese monger gave me the following two cheeses:  Dairyere and Hooligan.

Dairyere was a wonderful little cheese.   It was a nice mildly sharp cheese that resembled a nutty Gruyere cheese.   Its finish was fantastic as the taste really stayed around.   I must say I love this cheese as an every week cheese that I would regularly buy.  I definitely recommend it as a cheese for all peoples as it was easy to eat and enjoy.  Here is a pic:

Cato Corner Farm Dairyere Cheese

Then I tried the Hooligan.   Oh Hooligan What Can I say About Thee?   Hooligan is a naughty cheese.  I mean REALLY naughty cheese.   The kind of naughty that makes you giggle quietly and makes you want to hide your desire for it from people.    This cheese was EPIC!  It is a creamy, stinky, salty cheese that if you put a tiny bit of honey on with a piece of thin bread you will find yourself experiencing an absolute mouthgasm.   Good lord GO EAT THIS CHEESE!!!!!

Cato Corner Farm Hooligan Cheese

Good job Cato Corner Farm.  I Heart Your Cheese!

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