Saturday, May 21, 2011

Breakfast by the Grand Army Plaza Saturday Farmers Market

This morning we got up and decided to go to the Grand Army Plaza Saturday Farmers Market so we can begin our weekend foodventures with a set of fresh farm ingredients.  Nothing says "spring morning" like a nice walk to the farmers market while sipping on a cool and refreshing ice coffee.   I truly love spring in Da NYC.

So here was my breakfast ingredient list:

Smoked Pork Shoulder Bacon
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Chives
Cage Free Organic Eggs
Rustic Whole Wheat Bread
Gruyere Cheese

So here is what I prepared:

Scrambled eggs whisked to fluffy goodness and further fluffed up with some fresh milk.   I chopped up some fresh chives and scrambled it up by constantly stirring the eggs with the whisk so it got all ribbony.   YUM

I fried up the ridiculus smoked pork shoulder bacon.  Now for some reason I love frying up some bacon in my wok.   The does such a wonderful job of distributing the heat that bacon just loves a wok.   My aunt showed me that trick :) xoxo.    If you have tried farm fresh bacon you are missing out.  Something about it makes it so much gamey and smokey.   It is truly wonderful.    To make it MORE wonderful I sprinkled on a nice amount of pepper and a dash of brown sugar to take it to planet stupid.  YuM YuM YuM!

I clarified some butter and dumped in a ton of fresh rosemary.    I spread the butter on slices of the rustic wheat bread and layered on a nice piece of that gruyere cheese.   I got it all toasty in the broiler and BREAKFAST WAS READY!!!!!

Good lord was it yummy.

Here is a shot of the deliciously farm fresh breakfast courtesy of the Grand Army Plaza Saturday Farmers Market:

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