Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tasty Indian Delivery in Park Slope - Joy Indian Restaurant

At least once a week I crave the fragrant and delicious cuisine from India.  When I was a younger man Indian food was not my cup of tea.   But that changed one day and that day is one I absolutely remember.   I was travelling for work and was staying in the M hotel in Singapore.  On Sunday they have "The Sunday High Curry" brunch buffet.   It was pouring out that day and I decided I would eat at the buffet.    There was like 17 different types of curry from all over asia and I absolutely fell in love.   I feel in love with one specific curry the most.   FISH HEAD CURRY!   YUM  

Anyway I digress

We have been ordering our home delivery Indian food from a place called Joy Indian Restaurant.  We have tried all the other local Indian delivery spots and I must say I think this one is the best.   This place doesnt have the most gourmet of Indian but when it comes to stick to your gut delicious Indian food Joy Indian Restaurant is fantastic.

They have one type of curry that I think I want to order a few gallons of and live off of for a few years.   It is called Dildar Curry.    A mild yet spicy curry with pineapple that I order with chicken.   This is so friggin delicious.  

There mushroom shaag is also amazing.   Earthy and fragrantly delicious

I don't claim this place is the best indian food in the world but when it comes to super delicious, absolutely fragrant, yum yum yummy indian food in park slope, you simply can not go wrong with Joy Indian Restaurant.

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