Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Hook Lobster Pound - ROCK LOBSTER

I realized the other day that in all my years of cooking I have never made a lobster!   I know how absurd that sounds but funny enough I am not the ultimate fan of lobsters.  I mean I like them but I don't LIKE LIKE them as most lobster lovers do.    So given that I like em and I have never made em it was time to MURDAH ME A LOBSTAH.  LOBSTAH MURDERAH.  woot.

Ok ok ok I digress.

I looked online for good places to go in brooklyn and all signals pointed me to the Red Hook Lobster Pound.  From blogs to yelp this place was the place to apparently go.  I usually dont buy into the hype but I figured since lobster lovers are truly lobster lovers I would trust the reviews.   I called them to see if they were open and had fresh lobsters and they in fact did.  The funniest part was their hold music was "ROCK LOBSTER!"   hahahahhahaha

I rented "Bentley" the zip car from the union ave car lot which was awesome.  He's a beemer.  What says luxury like driving a beemer to go buy some lobster.  What what!  

Our first stop was to buy something to crack the lobsters shell.  We didnt have one and I found the most awesome of lobster crackers in the home goods store on 7th and 2nd st.    Check it out!

I mean come one!   This lobster cracker screams LOBSTAH MURDERAH.   Yum.  Ok moving on.

The next step was I must go get myself some lobsters.   We drove to the Red Hook Lobster Pound and went on in.  Now to be honest lobsters are kind of intimidating.  I will admit it!   I read about how to cook and prepare them online but was still a bit nervous.    Well the staff at the Red Hook Lobster Pound was awesome!   They put me right at rest by telling me how big I should get em, how long I should cook em and all that goodness.  Thanks Red Hook Lobster Pound!   You guys rock!

We picked up two 1.5 lb lobsters and one big pot to cook em in.   I had a nice big pasta pot but felt like I want something a bit more substantial in case the lobsters fought back.   Which btw they did!

I boiled the pot of water and added a ton of salt to make it taste like sea water.   I throw in some Old Bay (not sure if I even tasted this so dont reccomend for others) and then took out my 2 lobsters.    I grabbed the first one and stuck him in face first.  He was NOT happy about that.  I kind of had to jam him in the last couple of inches because he clinched up his arms to try to prop himself out of the boiling water.   The 2nd lobster was the real fighter.  This guy was GANGSTA.   He fought from the first touch into the water and was a little punk.   I was born in Flatbush Brooklyn though.  NO LOBSTAH IS GOING TO GET ME!


15 minutes later I had some lobster and boy was it delicious!   They are messy little critters and I think that is fundamentally why I don't like like them.  In addition there taste is kinda 1 dimensional in my mind.  Maybe it is just me.  All in all I recommend going to Red Hook Lobster Pound and getting a lobster.   Next step.  MURDER.   After that pure deliciousness!

I served my lobster with some roasted potatoes tossed in lime, olive oil, sea salt and fresh cilantro to bring some earthy brightness to the dish.  I definitely recommend balancing the lobster flavor with something bright.  It was a beautiful pairing.

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