Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whole Foods Lunch Bar Curry Review

Today I had the "pleasure" of going to Whole Foods for lunch.   I walked around the "lunch bar" to see what goodies they had and found the Indian food section.    Being that I am an official curry head, I thought to myself that this was the section of the food court for me.    I served my self some rice with a nice chicken curry and some veg. 

Well....nice was what I thought until I got back to my desk and started eating it.   One of my favorite parts about curry is the moment the fork enters your mouth and the fragrance on the dish hits you right as your tongue is getting its very first taste.    Most people think curry is just this spicy dish but it is actually one of the most fragrant dishes out there.   The smells is what suckers me in every time with curry.  

So how did it go at my desk????    It smelled like chili at best.  It tasted like slightly indian spiced chili.  The rice had an uneven coating of spice and was chunky.  The curry was a total let down.    I saw whole curry leaves in it and thought to myself "well thats a good sign!"    Well it was not.    I would never order it again.  EVER.  

Whole Foods lunch curry is officially narsty.  Avoid avoid avoid.   I think I am going to have to make my own curry tonight just to honor the curry gods since I disgraced them with my lunch!

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