Sunday, December 26, 2010

True Grit Review

So I had the distinct pleasure of going to watch True Grit with my family over this holiday break.    Cinema is of course one of my FAVORITE forms of media.

True Grit is the fabulous Coen brothers new film.   They are of course one of my favorite directors but it also stars Jeff Bridges who is one of my favorite actors.    In fact after Crazy Heart and True Grit I would defintely say he is rapidly becoming my favorite actor.

The film was amazing.    The characters all introduce themselves in a way that they make themselves 100% known and out there as soon as they walk enter the film.   There grit or indomitable spirit is absolutely clear and feels right for each of the main characters.  Exactly who they are is exactly what you get when you watch the movie.    What seemed to amaze me the most is that the actors never really "blink" or break character for not even a second.

Each character then takes the time to develop into something just a bit more that turns them from interesting to awe inspiring by the end of the film.    Its pretty fun to watch thee indomitable spirits transform into tenacious heroes.

The scenery and locations they used are (!*@(#*! amazing.  So beautiful and feels so real.    Some movies they push it too far and select scenes that just don't fit or feel real.   In this film everything seems to fit together like it was meant to be together since the dawn of time.  PS my sister worked on this.    It is one of the first time I have kinda had an intellectual crush on my sister for her work product.   Go Go Kit Kat.

So....if you have not yet seen this movie you need to do the following:


This should of been nominated for a Golden Globe so I am hoping they do NOT get shafted for an Oscar.m

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