Sunday, November 7, 2010

El Jalapeno First Tasting

In June I started a new gig as Chief Technical Officer in San Francisco California.    In order to service this business I have to split my time between my home of New York City and San Francisco.   Since moving there I have realized how wonerful Mexican food can be.   Fresh ingredients and care in preparation really bring out the premium nature of the Mexican cuisine.   On fortunately it has also shown me how New York City doesn't the same quality filter for Mexican restaurants.  

Therefore I have started a quest to find good Mexican restaurants in New York City.   So last night I ordered from El Jalapeno which had dope results on yelp

Well the reviews were pretty spot on.  There food was fresh, creative yet traditional and absolutely fresh.  

The "El Jalapeno" nacho was like Mexican pizza crack.  I took a taste and relentlessly wanted more.
I also ordered the Chile Relleno and it was smokey cheesy goodness. 

We also got the steak fajitas and they were delish as well.  A bit greasy but good none the less.

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